Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Desert Writings: 1

The azure sky burns brightly under the falling October sun. Maroon, yellow,salmon, and white cliffs rise in majestic contrast to the green of the juniper tree and the bright blue sky. A light chilly breeze whispers in the desert fall. I feel something cold and wet touch my leg. There is my golden desert loving dog, wagging his tail in delight and smiling his big doggy grin up at me. How happy he is to be out here in the clean crisp air, to roam freely without the interference of other humans, traffic, or city life. Out here you can find what true freedom is all about. If you so desire you can also experience pure solitude. Solitude which, in today's time of suburban sprawls, traffic congestion, strip malls, and high rises is so hard to come by. But out here in the vastness that is the San Rafael Swell, it can be found. Quiet spots can be found among the giant plateaus or the deep slot canyons. Let your heart lead the way and you will find peace out here. Once upon a time, not really so long ago, I would have sought this peace with chemicals. Alcohol, cigarettes, pot, acid, ecstasy, meth, yes even with heroine. Those were fun and I did escape, but that escape was momentary. Then reality would set in with a vengance. The sick strung out feeling, work to do, bills to pay (with less money than I started with). Nothing in life is free. One day I snapped out of it and resdiscovered nature. One may argue that my escapes to nature to find peace are but momentary as well. I won't deny that point. However, the effect of being in nature, and especially the pristine solitude of the desert, is a lifelong one. The spiritual peace of being so intimate with God's creations cannot be taken away. They may take everything from you, but they cannot take away the memories and feelings you keep with you forever, that come from this starkly beautiful land.