Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Well, it's been awhile since I've written. A lot has happened. What you may ask (or more likely not, since no one reads this blog), but in case you are reading and wonder what... Life... Life has happened. It never ceases to amaze me that it happens, but it does. One day you're just walking along and WHAM life hits you, and you realize, damn, I forgot about this. Ha ha, but really, despite everything, setbacks, injuries, and yes, even some heartbreak, it seems life is just getting better and better. I'm cool with life happening if it keeps getting better. I like that. I hate the bullshit in life, but I guess that's all a part of it.

So, last time I wrote, Victoria and I were trying to kill ourselves on road bikes at night in the dark, me in a boot from my Achilles rupture, her just out of neck surgery. Well, Victoria is now well on her way to becoming Special Agent Victoria. (Last names withheld to protect the not so innocent.) Yes, she's at the FBI Academy learning to fight dudes, shoot guns, and overall kick more ass than she already does. I hope to visit her in N.M. (her first post) after she gets there.

I went on a mountain bike ride shortly after that with my boot on, up to Dog Lake. It was so much fun getting out and riding, even though I was still super gimp. I made it all the way up to the lake too. Not much to brag about healthy, but 3.5 miles within a month of getting off crutches, in a big black boot on one leg, in the mountains, is hard. Coming down was a riot! I'm so lucky I didn't freaking crash. My boot kept flying off my pedal, it was a bit frightening, but super fun!
Sometime later, school started. Yes, that's right, 33 year old girl said school started. I figured it's about time I get my degree. I'm currently at SLCC to get my associates in Environmental Geology, then it will mostly likely be off to the U of U to get my bachelors then masters in Geology. And I have a 4.0! I hope I still have that 4.0 at the end of my 2nd semester. Note to self: Do not take summer classes while working full time. No really, do not do it again.

Moving along, I rode Slickrock for my first time ever this past spring, with Jake, my desert rat camping buddy. (I need to get pics of all this stuff up.) I rode it as a gimp, but a bootless gimp. Rode it about the time I still couldn't stand up on a bike due to a really weak leg. You would think that I would consider this before riding Slickrock, but this is me after all. I don't believe that I've ever been known for easing into anything, or not doing something because I MIGHT not be able to do it. So.... I went and did it. I was sore and my Achilles/ankle/foot were swollen after, but who cares. I did it as a gimp! I started out sketchy, and walked some first parts, but as I realized that I was riding OK, I quit being a wuss and started riding again. Next day, we rode the Klondike Bluffs, which was really fun, then came back home. I love my 2 day trips to the desert with Jake. Wish he'd get his ass back from Korea.

So about that jumping in and doing stuff, even if I probably shouldn't...I'm on my way to being fully recovered from the Achilles injury...and I decided to take a rock climbing class this semester. Well, climbing, and near the top of a problem, I slipped off my 2nd to last hold of the problem and fell. No big deal right? I have lots of pads to land on. Wrong, (well the pads are still there) but apparently, they don't help if you're dumb and stick your arm out to catch yourself. I landed fine, but then as I collapsed onto the mats, my hand hit, arm locked, then "pop" and it started throbbing. I grabbed it and said "I broke my arm". Ta da! Stacy thinks she's a rock climber then freaking goes and falls. Well, I did basically break it. Put a 3.5mm dent in my humerus, broke of a 2 mm piece of cartilage, and am still recovering from that. Still waiting to see if I have to have my elbow scoped to remove the cartilage that is driving me crazy. Meanwhile, I'm back to climbing, cuz what's a little dent in my bone, except something that hurts all the time? Ha ha!

The past year I've had 2 breakups, 2 injuries, 2 semesters in school, 2 4.0 semesters in school (I believe), and last but not least, freaking got into another relationship. Am I crazy? Wait! Don't answer that! I know I am! But whatever. If it feels right, go for it right? Right! Hopefully he can put up with me for awhile, until I get over being scared of this thing called a relationship. Why do boys come into our lives when we least want them? I was happy single, and had sworn off relationships until I was done with school. 4+ years is enough time to get over being afraid of being hurt I figured. But NO, Little Danny Moore has to come back into my life after 14 years and make me like him. Ok, well, he didn't make me, it just happened. But it's good. All is good! Life is good! I'm happy! Really truly happy for once! I think I've realized that I'm happiest when I'm doing what I love, working at bettering myself, and living an awesome life! And now there's someone to share it with for the time being and maybe longer if we get lucky. SWEET!

So life happened. And life happened for the better! And I hope it keeps going this way! Meanwhile, hurt arm and all, look for me on my bike or on the rock! And say hi! I will be hitting it hard in the 2 weeks between semesters! I will have to post another blog of above mentioned adventure photos.